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About Us

AgriDuka is an online multivendor agrovet platform that brings everyone in the agricultural value chain, including farmers, agrovets, and agro-inputs manufacturers, together on one platform. AgriDuka provides access to a wide variety of agri-inputs from different agrovets and manufacturers at the most competitive prices.

It is a platform where farmers can find tips about the best seed varieties and agri-inputs that fit their soils and weather patterns.

About Agriduka

Your Online Multi-Vendor Agrovet!

Easy Registration Process

Joining our platform as a vendor or customer is easy and fast

Nationalwide Coverage

We have verified vendors from all the 47 counties in Kenya

Verified Vendors

All vendors on this platform are verified to protect our customers from fraud.

24/7 Support

Our customer care team is always available on chat to address your queries.

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AgriDuka Testimonial


Agrovet Owner

AgriDuka is the ideal e-commerce platform for agrovet owners. Setting up a store on the site is free and AgriDuka even markets vendors’ products without charging anything.

AgriDuka Testimonial



At AgriDuka, you can compare products from different vendors and brands and settle on the best deal without having to physically move from one agrovet to the other.

AgriDuka Testimonial



The beauty of AgriDuka is the fact that it is tailored to the realities of the local Kenyan market. It’s not just an ecommerce platform that is picked from somewhere and rebranded, it is a tool designed to suit both the Kenyan agrovets and farmers.

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